Ink Review: Solferino by Rohrer & Klingner

I purchased a sample vial of this great ink from WonderPens before Christmas. Solferino is a vibrant purple colour that shouts out for attention. Because of this, it may not see much use in the workplace but I have been using it for editing and markups of documents. For this use it is great. Full pages of writing using this ink may be too much but it could make a fun addition to your journal if used sparingly. 

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Price / 50 ml BottleNot carried as of January 2015$12 US$12 CANNot carried as of January 2015
Price / mlNot carried as of January 2015$0.24 US$0.24 CANNot carried as of January 2015
Writing Sample on Rhodia 80 gsm

Writing Sample on Rhodia 80 gsm

Writing Sample on 20lb copy paper

Writing Sample on 20lb copy paper

Writing Sample on Field Notes - Front and Back shown

Writing Sample on Field Notes - Front and Back shown

Ink Properties

Shading: Some shading in very wet nibs on ink resistant papers but generally none.
Bleed Through: Absorbant papers will exhibit bleed through, especially Field Notes, none on Rhodia
Show Through: Absorbant papers will exhibit show through
Outline: None
Saturation: Highly saturated
Sheen: None
Water Resistance: No useful water resistance
Drying Time: Reasonably quick, 10 seconds using an EF nib
Flow: Excellent
Cleaning: Easy to clean

Colour Make Up

Chromatography Sample

Chromatography Sample

As can be seen above, apart from a very small blue component, the bulk of this ink is made up of magenta die.

Similar Inks (Images Courtesy of Goulet Pens)


This ink flows really well and the lubrication makes the nib glide across the page. While the colour is wild, it can find uses in document editing or journalling; whole pages of text may be too excessive for some readers though. Minor bleed through is experienced on copy paper. Field Notes experiences large amounts of bleed through as well as spread and feathering.

Having used up the majority of my sample, I think that I will be purchasing a bottle. The lubrication makes this ink stand out compared to other stock purples. 

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