Ink Review: Infra Red by Caran d'Ache

This is the third red ink in our run up to Valentine's day, it was part of the November 2014 Ink Drop that is run by Goulet Pens. This ink tends towards the orange side of red, what I think of as Poppy Red. I am not super fond of reds that tend toward orange.

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Anderson Pens Goulet Pens Stylus Fine Pens Cult Pens
Price / 50 ml Bottle $32 US $32 US $35 CAN £28
Price / ml $0.64 US $0.64 US $0.70 CAN £0.56
Writing Sample on Rhodia 80 gsm

Writing Sample on Rhodia 80 gsm

Writing Sample on 20lb copy paper

Writing Sample on 20lb copy paper

Writing Sample on Field Notes - Front and Back shown

Writing Sample on Field Notes - Front and Back shown

Ink Properties

Shading: Some shading in very wet nibs on ink resistant papers but generally none.
Bleed Through: Absorbant papers will exhibit very minor bleed through with especially wet nibs, Field Notes will exhibit some but less than most inks, none on Rhodia
Show Through: Absorbant papers will exhibit show through but nothing that would prevent you from using both sides.
Outline: None
Saturation: Highly saturated.
Sheen: None
Water Resistance: No useful water resistance.
Drying Time: Long dry time, 25 seconds using an EF nib on Rhodia
Flow: Excellent
Cleaning: Easy to clean

Colour Make Up

Chromatography Sample

Chromatography Sample

As can be seen above, this ink is made up of almost equal portions of poppy red and cyclamen pink.

Similar Inks (Images Courtesy of Goulet Pens)


This ink flows really well but it stays wet for a long time. The colour is not my thing. I prefer my reds on the cherry side of the spectrum rather than the poppy. This ink would be a good choice for marking up documents since the bleed through is better controlled than other reds tested to date. 

This ink comes in a funky bottle that I have yet to see but I have my doubts about its practicality. At the premium that you pay for this ink, you would expect its properties to be outstanding but I don't feel that there is anything that makes this ink better than many other cheaper inks of similar colour. I still have a lot of this sample left on hand so I don't think I will be looking to purchase a bottle. A lot of that is due to the colour but the price weighs into that decision too. 

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