The Weekly Wrap Up: January 31

This one is actually from last week but since we are focusing on red inks up until Valentine's day, I'm sad that I never purchased this one when it was released. Ian Hedley of Pens! Paper! Pencils! reviews Montblanc Winter Glow. It's stunning but only available on the secondary market. If you have to have it, it's $50 a bottle on Amazon

Missing the boat on Winter Glow is OK because Montblanc has just released Corn Poppy Red. Dan Smith of FP Geeks reviews the ink here. This looks like a red that is right up my alley. He has some great comparison images so you can compare the ink to others you may be familiar with, including the above mentioned Montblanc Winter Glow.

Finally, Matt Armstrong of the Pen Habit reviews the Ranga Model 3 Oversize. It is an ebonite pen fitted with a No. 6 JoWo nib, oh, and it's only $80

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