The Weekly Wrap Up: October 3rd

Susan Pigott of The Pen Addict has An Interview with Shawn Newton this week. I really like these kinds of posts.

Leigh Reyes of My Life As a Verb has a post on how to Shimmerfy your own inks. Because you can. Please heed Leigh's advice on pen choice, this is not something to do with your vintage Sheaffer Snorkel or Parker Vacuumatic.

Everybody would like to have better photos of their pens and Mike Dudek of The Clicky Post wrote a great how to entitled Macro photos on a budget: what you'll need to shoot with your iPhone.

I feel Cody's pain, we are simpatico. “Too Many” Pens Inked.

Pen show write ups are the best and Dries of The Pencilcase Blog does a good job with this one about the Tilburg Pen Show 2015 Recap.

Now that we are into October the countdown to Christmas is on and anal retentive planner types like me have already started buying this year's gifts. If there is someone on your list who you are buying for out of obligation rather than love, the Unroyal Warrant has you covered. The PooPooPaper Elephant Poo Notebook

The paper is a cream color but it’s not uniformly so; you can see different sorts of fibres that stand out on the page and are a bit distracting to look at. It is also lumpy in spots; I found dead bugs and gross unidentifiable material in the paper ...
It’s very absorbent but fountain pen ink tends to bleed and feather. It’s not a nice paper to write on. It’s rough and probably not safe to use with fountain pens.

I think my mother-in-law is great but maybe your's has her name on one of these already.

And Now For Something Completely Different

How a Retractable Ballpoint Pen Works