The Weekly Wrap Up: October 31st

Brian Anderson had a great post and video entitled Pen Identification: Sailor 1911 vs. Pro Gear this week. If you want to see examples of all of the sizes of these Sailor Pens, this is the video to watch.

Ian Hedley had a great review of the Platnum Carbon Desk Pen. I'm not a fan of extra fine nibs but I can appreciate how an artist can put one of these pens to good use.

Amanda at The Purl Bug is continuing her experimentation with pencils and looks at three examples from Tombow this week. Click on through to watch her video an read the blog post. 

I don't own any Delta pens and if Dr. Deans is correct in this blog post, I may not ever own one. 

The Passionate Penman reviews the Pilot Parallel line of Calligraphy Pens. I have one of these and use it for a highlighter occasionally. 

Finally, if you would like to have some pen themed desktop pictures for your computer, follow this link to download some great shots by Dries of The Pencilcase Blog

And Now For Something Completely Different

An alternate look on addiction. 

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