Brand Overview - Diamine Shimmertastic Inks Are In The House

The last twelve months have seen an explosion of interest in inks that contain a sparkling component. It started with Stormy Grey and was then followed by Emerald of Chivor, now Diamine has released ten inks that fill this niche. There is something for everyone in this colour selection.

Swabs of all ten inks on Tomoe River paper

Swabs of all ten inks on Tomoe River paper

Blue Lightning - turquoise blue with silver particulate
Blue Pearl - dark blue with silver particulate
Brandy Dazzle - red-brown with gold particulate
Golden Sands - yellow with gold particulate
Magical Forest - green with silver particulate
Night Sky - black with silver particulate
Purple Pazazz - purple with gold particulate
Red Lustre - red with gold particulate
Shimmering Seas - blue black with gold particulate
Sparkling Shadows - grey with gold particulate

Over the next month we will be looking at these ten inks. Because of the nature of these inks, the testing regime will be altered from the standard template. It is assumed that dry times and water resistance are of little concern to the users of such specialty ink and that only ink resistant papers will be used. Also users would have a preference for broad and italic nibs. I'm really looking forward to using these new products.

Photo via The Writing Desk

The inks hit the shelves this month and are reported to cost US$20 or £8.95 for 50 ml.

Solicitation Disclaimer

Diamine  provided the inks in this review series. I do not feel that my opinions of this ink have been affected by receiving the samples free of charge.