Scriptus 2015 Pen Show Recap

Last year's Scriptus was my first pen show. While it wasn't overly large, I enjoyed myself and knew it was something that I wanted to have on the calendar for 2015. This year's show was last Sunday so my day started out early.

While last year's show was a solo event for me, this year my wife and five year old daughter were coming along so that they could take in the dinosaurs at the Royal Ontario Museum. Six hours, three pee stops, and one application of Children's Gravol later (that's Dramamine for the blog's American readers) we were in the city and ready to go to our respective destinations.

Scriptus has been held at the Toronto Reference Library both years that I have gone. It is a lovely venue that is easily reached by public transit and has ample pay parking nearby. Additional floor space was made available for this year's show and the vendor count was up too. As you can see from the photos, the place was hopping.

I had intended to come home with a pre-owned Montblanc 146 but as I tried them out, I came to the realization that I wasn't ready to part with that kind of money for a pen. I'm not saying that the pens were over priced or poor value, simply that there are certain price points that are psychological barriers and the Montblancs were beyond that barrier in my mind. I did come home with a Sailor Pro Gear with a medium two toned nib and rhodium plated hardware. This is the first Sailor that I have owned and the medium nib is quite a bit finer than an equivalent Pilot nib.

I left as the show was starting to wind down and drove over to the museum to pick up the girls. From there we drove over to Wonder Pens to see Liz and Jon's new store. As we drove, I got a full update on the dinosaurs at the museum. Did I know that one of them wore a hat for Halloween? Did I know that if the museum is missing a bone from a skeleton, they will scan another bone and print a new one on a 3D printer? My daughter was disappointed with the authenticity of the dinosaur illustrations at the museum because the Tyrannosauruses were a green-brown colour in the pictures and not orange with blue stripes like they are on Dinosaur Train, the fountain of all dinosaur knowledge in our household.

Jon and Liz have a lovely shop and I stocked up on a few pen maintenance items as well as a bottle of Waterman Blue Black and some Clairefontaine Triomphe paper. After that it was time for dinner and the long drive home. It was nearly midnight when we pulled into the driveway. A long day for sure but one that will likely be repeated for many years to come.

For another take on the show, all be it without the dinosaurs, go on over to Liz's blog and read her post entitled Scriptus Toronto Pen Show 2015.