The Weekly Wrap Up: November 28th

The Passionate Penman reviews the Edison Pearlette, a beautiful pen in Edison's Production Line. I'm not a fan of the step in the barrel and I prefer No. 6 nibs but the pen is a looker.

Matt at the Pen Habit reviews the Stainless Steel Lamy 2000. I'm not sure that I have ever seen one of these in person but the Makrolon version is quite nice.

This was the week of the Gift Guide and the Well Appointed Desk has a good write-up of what was covered on this week's Pen Addict Podcast. 

The Fool With A Pen has a great write-up entitled My View From The Desert: Thoughts On My Exile From Pen Buying. Definitely worth the read.

Let Bruno tell you all about the 2015 Madrid Pen Show.

Our favourite podcast host posted a review of the Pencil on the Pen Addict blog. It's a good read.

And Now For Something Completely Different

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