The Weekly Wrap Up: November 7th

Last Sunday was the Scriptus pen show in Toronto. Liz of Wonder Pens has a wrap up of the show here and my take is here. The Flickr gallery for the show can be viewed here

Ray of Fountain Pen Quest is giving away a Sheaffer 300, to enter you have to send a handwritten letter. I have a personal hate for give aways that use Rafflecopter or similar sites; you always feel like you are prostituting yourself to enter a contest with their requirements for Facebook likes and Tweeting about the contest. Ray, my letter is already posted. 

It's not a fountain pen but I think I'm going to pre-order one anyways.

Mary talks about her new favourite ink, SBRE Brown, in her most recent post. You can no longer get this ink but I received a letter from Mary last week and I think you could cook up your own version with 3 parts Diamine Ochre plus 1 part Ancient Copper.

Finally, I really enjoyed this Peaceable Writer post about repairing an inset nib on a Namiki pen

And Now For Something Completely Different

I'm a machine designer and it is always fun to see what other types of machines get designed.

(via Kottke