The Weekly Wrap Up: February 14

On Tuesday Ian Hedley of Pens! Paper! Pencils! tweeted the link to this great post about the making of a custom fountain pen by Jonathon Brooks of the Carolina Pen Company. I had never heard of Jonathon but I'm going to have to spend some time on his site because the acrylics that he casts look amazing. If you are not following Ian on Twitter, you are missing out. 

Andi at the Fountain Pen Physicist has just released the first month results from Round 3 of the Epic Ink Test. This is a blog series that is looking at the effects of light exposure on the long term legibility of inks. In her latest YouTube video she has said that her blog is going to pivot and start looking at our hobby from a more scientific perspective. Thumbs up from me! 

I hope 2015 will be the year that I purchase a custom made pen. Obviously my Pen Budget will have to account for this. This post about the ebonite pens made by RomilloPens had me hooked right up until I read:

The final result is an attractive product with a steep price. In fact, for an average of EUR 1000, many an aficionado might, in fact, prefer a real vintage pen in pristine condition to a newly made pen without the glamour and tradition of a well known name.
— Crónicas Estilográficas

To quote Ferris Bueller "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up." Need I link back to my Pen Budget? I'll keep looking for my 2015 pen.

While we are talking about Pen Budgets and delayed gratification, Mary Collis who writes the From the Pen Cup blog had a great post entitled On Not Buying Pens. I've been good this month but when Anderson Pens posts a photo like this to Instagram I feel my resolve wavering. If they had JFK in stock I swear to God that I would have pulled the trigger.

My favourite Canadian pen retailer put out a blog post this week about using the Pilot Parallel as a highlighter. Why have I never thought about this before? It seems like the perfect tool for the job.

Blog Post Time Machine

I remember this post from last summer as having some really good buying advice for the novice fountain pen user.
Pen Paper Ink Letter - The PPIL Fountain Pen & Paper Starter Kit (aka If I had $100)

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