The Weekly Wrap Up: February 21

On Sunday, Ray of The Fountain Pen Quest linked to a blog that I had never heard of before, Fountain Pen Economics. This blog is aspiring to be the Asymco of the fountain pen world and has some interesting articles about disruption in the fountain pen industry. If you want some fountain pen reading that is different from the norm, try it out.

I own three Edison pens and hope to add more to my collection in the future. Gerald of has a great review of the 2014 "Group Buy" Limited Edition Glenmont in ebonite. At the time I was aware of the pen and passed on it, I probably shouldn't have.

Being as this blog focuses predominately on fountain pen inks, I try to read what others have to say on the topic too. One blog that I regularly read is Stationary Journey by Terry Finney. Terry almost exclusively reviews Noodler's inks, 26 to date, and always full bottles. I find this odd since he is located in the UK and has to pay a significant premium to get a hold of them. Any ways, I find Noodler's inks to be a bit dodgy and you never know whether you will get a winner, like this week's Habanero, or a loser like Bad Green Gator. I appreciate that Terry is taking one for the team and making it easier to find inks that I like.

Olivia of The Penventory put together a correspondence kit to take on the road. I do the same thing except that Olivia is obviously a lot craftier than me, no stickers or washi tape in my kit. The secret to making one of these is finding a good case to house the stationary in, I use this one which has been perfect for the job.

And while we are talking about letter writing, I am glad to say that I am on track with my InCoWriMo correspondence and even received a letter from a reader of the blog. Thanks Chris, your reply will be on its way to the UK in Monday's post.

One final comment, I don't normally draw attention to a sale that is being held by a retailer, but this is too good of an opportunity to miss. Cult Pens out of the UK has a promo code available to Pen Addict readers (PENADDICT3020). For most things, the prices on the Cult Pens site are nothing special but Diamine inks and Lamy product was MUCH cheaper than what we pay here in North America. Since North Americans don't have to pay the VAT and the promo code gives you an additional 20% off, the savings are phenomenal. A 30 ml bottle of Diamine ink is £1.57 after the discounts, this works out to $2.42 US or $3.03 Canadian, two 2 ml samples from Goulet Pens is $2.50! I used this opportunity to stock up on Diamine and ordered thirteen 30 ml bottles, a bottle of Pelikan 4001 Blue Black which isn't even sold in North America due to chemical content or other such nonsense, as well as a complete set of Lamy nibs. From Cult Pens the price was £49.81 including the £10 flat rate shipping charge. The same order from JetPens would be $193.50 US including a $41.25 shipping charge. At that kind of savings I couldn't say no, Pen Budget be damned.

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