Pen Budgeting: February 2015 Instalment

You may recall from the January instalment that I have a monthly budget of $50 Canadian for pen and ink purchases. When January wrapped up I was entering February 46¢ in the hole; well my position has not improved. 

My first expenditure for the month was backing the Pen Addict Kickstarter, I backed at the "Video Only" level which means that my $10 US was actually $12.51 Canadian when the charge went through. 

My next purchase was a 30 ml bottle of Pilot Blue Black. This was an eBay purchase and is quite literally on the slow boat from China with an estimated delivery between February 27 and March 18. The ink was $6.49 US + $3.00 US shipping which, at the time, converted to $11.49 Canadian.

My final purchase for the month is the one that broke the budget. As I mentioned in last week's Weekly Wrap Up, the Pen Addict blog was being sponsored by Cult Pens out of the UK, part of this sponsorship was a 20% off coupon code. By using this coupon code I was able to purchase 30 ml bottles of Diamine ink for $3.03 Canadian. At this price it is like getting a proper bottle of ink for the price of two samples. The only drawback to this deal was that the shipping was a flat rate £10. With this in mind I ordered a boat load of ink as well as a full set of Lamy nibs so that I would have a set at home and at the office. After shipping and currency conversions the order came out to $96.18 Canadian, just squeaking in under the limit where customs is levied. If I had put an equivalent order in to JetPens it would have come to $276.76 Canadian after taxes and customs fees. The purchase broke the budget but I reaped a huge savings so I can live with it. It will mean that March will have to go barren though.

This means that I am entering March $70.64 in the red. If things go according to plan, next month's budgetting instalment should be a one liner.