The Weekly Wrap Up: February 28

This week opened up with a science lesson from Andi at the Fountain Pen Physicist. This video  goes into the background of why coloured light is emitted from an atom. Andi promises to delve into the reasons that dyes are coloured and other questions in future posts in this "Science Stuff" series. 

I thought that the nibs in these Barch-Payzant (freehand) lettering pens were super cool. I have never seen a nib like that before. Leigh at My Life As A Verb does a great job of showing how the nibs are used, I only wish I had her artistic talent. She has some great YouTube videos too where she has set her writing to music. Very enjoyable.

I have focused on Pelikan 4001 series inks this week which ties in nicely to this next link. FP Geeks linked to Dominic Rothemel's site for historic Pelikan fountain pens. If Pelikan is your thing you will have to spend some time swimming through the more than 3000 photos on the site. 

This week's Pen Addict podcast had Dan Bishop from Karas Kustoms on as a guest to talk about his experience at the LA pen show earlier this month. Anchit of The Passionate Penman  did a blog post reviewing the Karas Kustoms INK that he bought from Dan at the show. He's kinda in love.

Finally, Mike Dudek at The Clicky Post did an awesome review of the Pilot M90 fountain pen. These pens are both gorgeous and out of my price range. Maybe a similar model will be released in 2018 to celebrate Pilot's 100th anniversary.

Blog Post Time Machine

Maybe it makes me a small person but I get a case of schadenfreude when a pen gets a blistering review. Click through to see Funkmon open up a can of Whoop Ass on the Cross Dubai

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