The Weekly Wrap Up: March 14

Ian Hedley of Pens! Paper! Pencils! has another great interview post this month. As with all of the interviews on his site, this month's interview with Mike Bonds is a fantastic glimpse into Ti2 Design, a company which has released several successful Kickstarter projects. There is even a give away that you can enter for one of the pens that Mike has manufactured.

Gerald Taylor of got a Lamy Dialog 3 in the mail and wanted to share it with us. Here is his review complete with video. It looks like a nice pen, I'll have to add it to my "Someday Maybe" list.

Andi of the Fountain Pen Physicist just published Month 2 of the Epic Ink Test. Some of my favourites are fading.

Jon and Liz of WonderPens went on a field trip to Coach House Press. It is neat to see the internal workings of a small printing company. I put in an order for some of these A5 Tomoe River notebooks that were quite literally, hot off the press.

I am still really enjoying the Fountain Pen Economics blog. Jonathon Deans is doing a great job on his twice weekly posts. This week's posts cover Leadership and Perceived Value.

Finally we get to the ink. Have you heard of the US Secret Service's ink library? Me neither but here is the tour. Only 11,400 inks and counting.

Brad Dowdy of the Pen Addict reviewed Parker Penman Sapphire. While he liked it, he wouldn't pay $75 a bottle for it. Hey Brad, if there is any of that sample left you know where you can send it, just sayin'.

Finally Joe at The Gentleman Stationer discusses "safe" inks in the third instalment of his Vintage Pen Primer series. I am just learning about how difficult it can be to get Sailor Ultra Marine out of a pen, I wish he had written this post a month ago.

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