The Weekly Wrap Up: March 21

Dan Smith, formerly of FPGeeks, has landed on his feet and is now the Director of Media Operations at Kenro Industries

Kenro's Tweet announcing it to the world

Kenro's Tweet announcing it to the world

Daniel brings a broad experience in writing instruments along with extensive knowledge of social media. He will be an important addition to the Kenro Team. Just watch him shine!
— Joel Blumberg, President of Kenro Industries

Quite fittingly, the FPGeeks website still looks like this. 

Karma is a bitch.

Speaking of Kenro Industries, Montegrappa announced a fountain pen that holds four different coloured ink cartridges and allows you to quickly change between the colours. For only $10,000 you can have one too!

This week's Pen Addict podcast highlighted C.W. Pencils, a newly opened pencil shop in New York City. Caroline Weaver, the shop owner, has put out a blog post laying out some of the lessons that she has learned in her first week of running a brick and mortar store.

While we're on the topic of pencils, Jonny Gamber of Pencil Revolution has been moonlighting as a pen blogger. Here is his review of the BIC Atlantis Exact and the BIC Atlantis Comfort. While he has been running this pen blog for two years now, he only posts reviews during the month of March. Is this how March Madness manifests itself in a pencil geek? Personally I think he should review pens that you fill from a bottle. Just sayin'.

Jonathon Deans had another great post this week, this time it has to do with the way Massdrop works and why we can expect fewer deals to be available to us in the upcoming year. I hadn't put much thought into the economics of this business but everything that he mentions in the post rings true.

Finally, to be filed away in the "Who'da thunk it" file. A company known for designer jeans decided to market an eyedropper filler fountain pen in the 1990's. This post on the Goodwriterspens's Blog shows what Deborah says is a pretty good pen.

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