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In mid February I reached out to Goulet Pens and asked if they would be willing to supply samples of the complete line of De Atramentis Document Inks. While they were out of stock in the Black and Brown variants, they kindly provided samples of the rest of this line to me free of charge. Over the next couple of weeks I will be featuring these inks on the blog. 

So why was I interested in reviewing these inks? They are advertised as being permanent, both in respect to being waterproof as well as being light fast. From the De Atramentis web site, these inks score an 8 on the Blue Wool Scale. What is the Blue Wool Scale? I'm glad you asked because I didn't have a clue either.

The Blue Wool Scale measures and calibrates the permanence of colouring dyes. Traditionally this test was developed for the textiles industry but it has now been adopted by the printing industry as measure of lightfastness of ink colourants. [1][2]

Normally two identical dye samples are created. One is placed in the dark as the control and the other is placed in the equivalent of sunlight for a three-month period. A standard bluewool textile fading test card is also placed in the same light conditions as the sample under test. The amount of fading of the sample is then assessed by comparison to the original colour.

A rating between 0 and 8 is awarded by identifying which one of the eight strips on the bluewool standard card has faded to the same extent as the sample under test.[3][4]

Zero denotes extremely poor colour fastness whilst a rating of eight is deemed not to have altered from the original and thus credited as being lightfast and permanent.
Ink swab images courtesy of Goulet Pens

Ink swab images courtesy of Goulet Pens

Looking at the colour swabs above made me think that these inks are kind of garish but it wasn't until I did more research that I realized that these colours are really meant for mixing, just like your inkjet printer.

C = Cyan = Turquoise
M = Magenta = Fuchsia
Y = Yellow
K = Black

Click through to this great post by June Blundell about mixing the inks and the resultant colours that you will get. The colours are truly fantastic and everything is permanent.

In my reviews I will be treating the inks as if they are to be used on their own but please consider how these could be used after mixing because that is where they will truly shine.

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