Pen Budgeting: March 2015 Instalment

You may recall from past posts on this topic that I have a budget of $50 Canadian for pen and ink purchases in any given month. When February wrapped up I had blown through my budget due to a very large ink purchase that was shipped from the UK. This left me entering entering March $70.64 in the hole. 

My expenditures were reigned in significantly in March but I did not spend $0. My parents winter in the US until the end of March so if I want anything shipped to a US postal address, it has to be done no later than the middle of March. If I could have postponed these expenses until April I would have but it didn't make sense to triple the shipping costs just to defer the expense by a couple of weeks. So what did I buy? My one order was to Goulet Pens and the pen and ink portion consisted of a Pilot Plumix for a future review series and a 50 ml bottle of Lamy Copper Orange ink for review. The total cost of the two was US$19.50 which converts to $24.73 Canadian. 

This means that I am entering April $45.37 in the red. I knew that I would be entering April in the red regardless but only having $4.63 available for purchases means that things that I thought would be purchased in April will now have to wait until May.