The Weekly Wrap Up: March 7

A couple of weeks ago I linked to a WonderPens post about using a Pilot Parallel as a highlighter, this week JD Eames of Peaceable Writer wrote a terrific post entitled Tale of a Vandal Pen User: Living The High Life Light. The post goes into great detail about the use of brush pens as highlighters as well a highlighter ink selection. I have yet to use a fountain pen as a highlighter but the Diamine Meadow ink that just arrived may be a good candidate to try it out.

Speaking of inks, this post by Bruno Taut of Crónicas Estilográficas got me excited. According to Bruno, Sailor will be releasing a new line of pigmented inks in April. I love Kiwa-Guro and Sei-Boku and look forward to having more pigmented, which I assume means permanent, colours to choose from in the Sailor line. 

I have been interested in reviewing more permanent inks and so I have reached out to Goulet Pens and they have agreed to provide samples of the De Atramentis Document inks as well as the newly released Super5 line of ink. You can expect to see reviews of these start to show up towards the end of the month. 

This brings me to the final drama for the week; On Thursday morning the FPGeeks site had been replaced with the following page:

My Twitter stream was a buzz.

The central paragraph of the "Time Out" page is the one that I want to draw attention to.

FPGeeks was conceived and created with a carefully thought out Ethics Statement designed to ensure unbiased opinion and complete transparency. While ethics can and should evolve over time when needed, where appropriate, and after much discussion, in the case of FPGeeks, important ethical standards have simply been removed unilaterally when their presence became inconvenient. This practice both degrades the FPGeeks name and hurts the entire community.

This was followed by copies of the "ORIGINAL ETHICS STATEMENT" set next to the "CURRENT ETHICS STATEMENT" with deviations between the two set out in red type. The TL;DR version is that the original make up the code of ethics would not have allowed the FPGeeks site to be involved in pen retail and servicing, something that Dan has been promoting through FPGeeks, nor would it have allowed FPGeeks editorial staff to promote product for advertisers. I assume that the recent LA Pen show coverage sponsored by Chatterley Luxuries followed by a tweet like the one below is an example of this practice.

Thursday's version of the "Time Out" page has now been replaced with a more generic "Pardon our Dust" under construction page.

I realize that many people may have been involved with FPGeeks in the past but as of a few days ago, the public face of FPGeeks was Dan Smith. It appears that this may not be the case going forward. Spelunking through the forums has revealed Dan has been locked out of the site as well as the bulk of the social media accounts. Below are screen captures of posts in this thread

I hope that either this rift is mended quickly or Dan re brands and strikes out on his own because I go to the FPGeeks site for the video review content and nobody else at FPGeeks is creating any.

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