Brand Overview: Deep Dark Inks by Cult Pens (Diamine)

In mid February I ordered the complete line of "Deep Dark Inks" from Cult Pens in the UK. Over the next two weeks I will review these six inks. The fact that these inks are manufactured by Diamine is clearly printed on the bottle but they are an exclusive to Cult Pens. Even if they weren't an exclusive, it would be worth while for you to price check Cult Pens because the cost of the Diamine inks are a significant discount to what we pay here in North America. When reading the price table below, it is the "ex VAT" price that applies to North American orders.

For packaging, the ink is available in two sizes; the standard Diamine 80 ml bottle and a 30 ml bottle that I would describe as a plastic hotel shampoo bottle. I opted for the 30 ml size. I consider this size to be the "Goldilocks" size of ink bottles for those who collect inks; a 2 ml vial just doesn't have enough to last more than a couple of fillings and I can never see myself finishing a Noodler's size bottle of ink before the ink colour has likely changed. I mention the bottle geometry of the 30 ml bottle because the mouth is too narrow for most fountain pens, if you opt for this size, be prepared to decant into an empty ink bottle, sample vials, or directly fill your converter either straight from the bottle or with a syringe.

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Cult Pens
80 ml 30 ml
Price / Bottle £5.90 (£4.92 ex VAT) £2.35 (£1.96 ex VAT)
Price / ml £0.07 (£0.06 ex VAT) £0.08 (£0.07 ex VAT)