The Weekly Wrap Up: April 11

I keep talking about a custom pen purchase this year and Matt at The Pen Habit reviews a pen that would fit the bill nicely. 

I love my Pilot Kaküno fountain pen and Maybelline at On Fountain Pens does a great review of the two models that are available for purchase today.

Pelikan pens seem to have taken over my Twitter stream for the last two weeks but this story of the M150 and M200 over on the Ink & Flour blog was quite a good read.

While we are talking about Pelikans, am I the only person who hasn't tried this new M805 Stresemann? It seems like this pen has received more than its fair share of attention. I have read a lot of reviews but this one on The Pencilcase Blog strikes me as one of the better ones. While not exactly a review, Ray at Fountian Pen Quest gives his first impressions of the pen in this post. Even if I could afford this pen, which I can't, I think that I would be after the new demonstrator version that is coming out.

Finally, Ed Jelley went on a field trip to C.W. Pencil Enterprise in New York City and put together a photo heavy post so we can all experience it. Caroline Weaver, the owner of the shop, was recently interviewed on the Erasable Podcast. An interesting store and an interesting story.

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