Brand Overview: Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Inks - @_WonderPens

I would like to thank WonderPens for supplying the ink samples that will be reviewed in this ink series. They are a great pen retailer here in Canada and very supportive to the fountain pen community. 

Last summer Sailor discontinued six of their ink colours and introduced a new colour set called "Colors of Four Seasons". Some of these new inks were very close in colour to the discontinued inks that were being replaced:

  • Sky High was replaced by Souten
  • Ultra Marine was replaced by Nioi-Sumire
  • Grenade was replaced by Oku-Yama
  • Epinard was replaced by Tokiwa-Matsu

Colours that were unique to the new ink line are:

  • Shigure, a dark purple
  • Miruai, a dark green
  • Doyou, a grey brown
  • Yama-Dori, a teal

There was no suitable replacement for either Peche or Apricot.

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This colour reboot also came with a price reboot and the new inks are approximately 50% more expensive than the ones that they replaced. Over the next two to three weeks each of the new inks will be reviewed and in the instances where there is a close colour comparison between the new and old ink, we will see just how close they really are. Follow along, it should be fun.