The Weekly Wrap Up: April 18

I'm taking the weekend off so this week's links are going to be short.

Ian Hedley of Pens! Paper! Pencils! has opened up a Red Bubble store front for his art. I was going to link to this sooner but I decided to wait until my order arrived. The quality of the product is fantastic and the shipping was super fast. If you like Ian's creations, order with confidence.

Do you own a Lamy Safari? Is it a real one? Goldspot Pens did a video and blog post on how to spot a counterfeit Safari. I didn't even know this was a thing.

Jon Bemis had another guest post on the Pen Addict this week. This is a fantastic story about the snobbery of forcing our pen preferences on others. I loved it.

Dr. Deans over at Fountain Pen Economics wrote a post entitled An Opportunity in the Pen Market. He feels that the $200-$400 price point is under served. At first I wasn't buying his argument but he had won me over by the end. Production line Menlo anybody?

Do you think a dedicated smart phone app for pen budgeting would help you out? The Passionate Penman is looking for pen lovers to fill out a survey to help develop the feature set for X-Pens, a budgeting app he wants to create. The blog post explaining the software is here.

Finally SBRE Brown finished his Doctoral dissertation. Congratulations Stephen, what a huge accomplishment.

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