The Weekly Wrap Up: April 25

There were a lot of good summaries of the Atlanta Pen Show published this week but the best one that I read was written by Dave Rea on his personal blog. I wish that I could have been there with the rest of the fanatics but it is a 2000 km drive, one way, and that is not going to happen. iMyke says that he wants to do it next year but I think that a get together at the DC Pen Show would make for an even more compelling experience.

Although The Gentleman Stationer had a good post wrapping up the Atlanta Pen Show, he had an even better post entitled Where Do I Go From Here? discussing how his pen collecting has matured and he wants to focus on custom pens for a while. Shawn Newton emailed me this week to say that my Morriset dip pen is in the post so I will have my first custom pen in house soon.

Last week's wrap up post linked to a video about how to spot a counterfeit Lamy Safari. Well Lori Arrowood who writes The Desk Of Lori has a blog post entitled My Experience With a Counterfeit Lamy Safari that goes into all of the nitty gritty of the inconsistencies with a Lamy nock off.

Lito Apostolakou of Palimpsest wrote a great post entitled Torrents of ink, tons of parchment, and flocks of quills about the manufacture of writing supplies in the middle ages. There was a time when only the rich could afford to write.

Great news! Dan Smith has started a new blog called the The Nibsmith and his first review is of the yet to be released Aurora Optima 365. He has taken video production levels up to an even higher standard and the site is gorgeous too. I'm so glad that Dan is back out there producing content for us all to enjoy.

In other news, the FPGeeks site still looks like this.

8 weeks and counting. I'm not holding my breath.

8 weeks and counting. I'm not holding my breath.

Speaking of new blogs, my good friend Andi, who you know as The Fountain Pen Physicist, has started up a new blog called The Purl Bug. You can read her review of the Pilot Custom Heritage 92 on her new blog here

I have always heard that you are NEVER to put India ink into a fountain pen but The Unroyal Warrant wrote up a post entitled Pelikan Fount India Black Fountain Pen Drawing Ink Review where he does just that. This closing quote is pretty telling though.

I really enjoy using this ink but I only use Fount India ink in my more affordable pens that are easy to dissemble as it is a bit harder to fully clean out. I have left the ink in my pens for three weeks without any consequences but I would urge caution when using a hybrid ink like this.
— The Unroyal Warrant

Finally, Jonathon Deans of Fountain Pen Economics surprised a lot of bloggers when he put out a post entitled An Objectionable Practice. It would seem that Fountain Pen Network has been hijacking pen bloggers content and selling ads against it.

I was disappointed to learn last week that Fountain Pen Network (FPN) has a forum that basically republishes every post of this blog in full, along with many others, alongside that site’s advertising. This blog is not the only one affected: the bloggers at Gentleman Stationer, Gourmet Pens, My Pen Needs Ink, The Pen Addict, and Write To Me Often may be surprised to learn that FPN is also sharing their posts in full.
— Fountain Pen Economics

It would seem that FPN has had a change of heart and their apology can be read here.

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