The Weekly Wrap Up: May 16

This week Ms. Reyes treats us to another of her Calligraphy lyrics videos this time set to Catch and Release by Matt Simons. If you haven't taken the time to watch one of these you really should. In fact, you will likely watch it twice.

Leigh also had a great blog post entitled The finer (and extra finer) things in life. Great photos of great pens and lovely writing samples to boot.

Speaking of great pens, Joe at The Gentleman Stationer reviewed the Sailor Pro Gear Sky.  Such a pretty pen!

Bruno Taut of Crónicas Estilográficas had a blog post this week entitled Information Providers  where he discusses how the closeness to the industry manufacturers makes an information provider biased. His specific example is the fallout at FPGeeks between Dan and Eric. I think the people who have been reading this blog since the FPGeeks breakup happened know where I stand on this issue. This seems to sum up the feelings. Bruno is not wrong in his criticisms though, when Brian Goulet does a pen video there is a Goulet Pens intro and outro screen so we know where his bias is located. Nowhere on Dan Smith's website "About" page does it mention his working for Kenro Industries. This should be corrected because it is relevant.

Bob at My Pen Needs Ink asks How Much Must We Spend For A Great Nib? Twice now he has bought a pen that most of us would consider to be expensive and has had to send the pen out to be tuned before it performed up to snuff. 

There are lots of ink reviews of interest this week so I'll just list them:

Gourmet Pens - Ink Shot Review: Montblanc Pink Ink 
SBREBrown - Inkcyclopedia Lite: Diamine Autumn Oak
Stationary Journey - Noodler’s Park Red Ink Review 

And finally a little chuckle. The Goulet Pen Blog lists 7 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Fountain Pen Addict. 

Inks Reviewed This Week