The Weekly Wrap Up: May 23

We heard some disappointing news from Mary Collis who writes the From the Pen Cup blog. In her post entitled Curveball, Mary discusses her "New Normal". I'm not a church going person but Mary has been in my thoughts a lot this week.

The Unroyal Warrant wrote a three part review series about Smythson Writing Papers. Part 1 is available here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here. I knew that I wouldn't be trying this paper any time soon when I read that the best way to get a hold of it was to call the Bespoke department of the New York store and order the stationary over the phone.

Dr. Deans has an interesting post entitled Going Premium on Fountain Pen Economics this week. The post focuses on why a company such as Goulet Pens might choose to expand its offerings to other types of pens rather than offer higher end fountain pens.

I'm not a poet, and don't I know it, but Jon Bemis wrote an Ode to a Parker Duofold on the Pen Addict blog. 

A currency arbitrage opportunity for you. This week La Couronne Du Comte started sponsoring Gourmet Pens, SBREBrown, and The Pen Habit blogs. When I looked at their offerings I noticed that American made pens are very inexpensive compared to the local price. Edison production line pens are €129, but if you live outside of the EU you are able to remove the 21% VAT. Then by applying either GOURMET10, SBREBROWN10, or PENHABIT10 you are able to get an additional 10% off. That makes the pen €91.72 or US$101 for Americans, CAN$124 for Canadians. I think getting an Edison pen for this type of price is a fantastic value.

Speaking of Edison Pens, Bob from My Pen Needs Ink wrote a post entitled My new Edison Collier from Indy-Pen-Dance. He had none of the nib problems that he was lamenting about last week.

And Now For Something Completely Different (via Kottke)

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