SUPER5 iNK: Brand Overview - @GouletPens

In mid February I reached out to Goulet Pens and asked if they would be willing to supply samples of the complete line of SUPER5 Inks. They kindly provided samples of all of the inks in this line to me free of charge. Over the next couple of weeks I will be featuring these inks on the blog. 

Sample vials provided by Goulet Pens.

Sample vials provided by Goulet Pens.

SUPER5 is a relatively new brand on the market and Goulet Pens is the sole distributor in North America. The ink is manufactured for Format-Darmstadt GmbH by Rohrer & Klingner and packaged in the typical amber glass bottles that the R&K inks are sold in. While the inks are targeted at the artist market, SUPER5 has chosen to create distinct colours that are appealing on their own merit. This is different than the approach that De Atramentis has done with their Document Ink Line where they provide a range of base colours intended for mixing, that on their own appear a little garish. The listing of the colours within the brand offering is shown below.

Atlantic - A slate blue
Australia - A burgundy red
Darmstadt - Black
Delhi - A bright orange
Dublin - An earth toned green
Frankfurt - Grey with brown tones

Ink swab images of these colours can be seen below. Images courtesy of Goulet Pens.

Since this ink is intended for artists, the ink needs to be both waterproof and lightfast. The testing performed during the ink review will assess how waterproof the ink is but we will have to defer to the company's chart shown below for the lightfastness characteristics of the inks.

I am really looking forward to seeing how these inks perform because the De Atramentis Document Inks were extremely waterproof at the expense of aggressive bleed through on all papers tested. While that performance may be fine for art media, it doesn't work well for journalling or lab books where the user may have a requirement for permanent ink.

If you would like to see this ink used for sketching purposes, the following links can show you how it looks when wielded by a person with talent.

Drawing with a Squirrel
Liz Steel