The Weekly Wrap Up: May 2

Julie at the Peaceable Writer had an interesting post entitled Will Write for Fude. If you haven't tried a Fude nib it can be fun, not super practical for users of the Roman alphabet but fun none the less.

Margana at An Inkophile's Blog has a post entitled Inks That Cause Problems Including Negative Opinions. The post opens:

Recently a Tweet about ink caught my attention. In 140 characters, a pen blogger announced he was ending his use of a well-known brand of ink.

To which I can only assume she is referring to this tweet.

The post wraps up with some sound advice on what types of inks to use in what types of pens. It is certainly in line with my thought process when I am filling my Lamy 2000 and thinking about how to make the pen's cleaning as painless as possible.

There were two posts about pen shows in the Orient that I would like to draw your attention to, the first was by Adam at Inklode featuring photos from the 2015 Spring Seoul Pen Show also there was a follow up set from Bruno at Crónicas Estilográficas for The Fountain Pens of the World Festival that was featured a couple of weeks ago. 

My ebonite dip nib holder from Shawn Newton arrived this week and I have been enjoying using this new pen. As it happens, Leigh Reyes of My Life As a Verb had a A custom Shinobi fountain pen from Newton Pens made recently and wrote a blog post about it. Make sure you watch the video!

As always, Mary at From the Pen Cup knocks it out of the park with this post, I’ve Been Remiss: TactileTurn’s Mover & Shaker. I own both of these and they are fantastic. 

Finally, there is a new blog that you need to add to your RSS feed. The Pen Haul is written by Cody and he reviewed one of my favourite inks, Private Reserve Ebony Blue. I want you to make sure that you notice that he spells "favourite" correctly, that's because he is Canadian.

Inks Reviewed This Week