The Weekly Wrap Up: May 30

Leigh Reyes has made another cool video this week and it is devoted to the different styles of flexible nibs. Be sure to go to her site to read the entire article entitled The Nakaya elastic nib FAQ


Gerald Taylor reviews a beautiful Ken Cavers custom pen on his blog  I keep saying that I will get a custom pen but I have yet to put in the order.

It is always a good week when Thomas Hall puts out a post on Penucopia. His latest post is entitled Pilot Blue Black - My Favorite Ink. I have this ink loaded in a pen currently and I agree that it is great.

Stephen Brown and Matt Armstrong collaborated on an hour long question and answer session this week. Hopefully this will become a regular thing. Click through to watch

Dr. Deans has started a blog series entitled Brand Analysis: Noodlers Ink (Part 1). It's a great piece and I am looking forward to reading part 2. 

The Franklin-Christoph Stabilis line of desk pens has been all the hotness this week on the blogs that I read. Joe of The Gentleman Stationer reviews it in his post Franklin-Christoph: Eyedropper Mania! and Susan Pigott reviews it for The Pen Addict in her post Franklin-Christoph Model 65 Stabilis Review. One common comment throughout all of the reviews is how cool these pens look as eye droppers because of the cracked ice finish. I'm a little jaded about the whole "cracked ice" phenomenon, I think this finish is chosen by Franklin-Christoph because it is easier to etch an internal surface to be cloudy rather than polish the surface to be clear. Most reviews mention that cleaning can be an issue, see the two excerpts below. The emphasis in the excerpts is mine.

"As I noted above, the inside of the ice demonstrators is not smooth. I imagine that a staining ink could get trapped in the nooks and crannies and be difficult to clean. So far, I’ve stuck with Waterman, Montblanc, and Diamine inks and haven’t had any issues with flushing ink out of these pens when cleaning and refilling. I've even changed inks once in the Pocket 66 (from blue to red), and I saw no residue from the old ink (Diamine Regency Blue) after about 10 minutes of cleaning."

— The Gentleman Stationer

"I emptied the pen after making it into an eyedropper to see how hard it is to get the ink out. I rinsed the barrel with water first, but I noticed ink residue near the bottom. I used some pen wash, shook it up pretty well, and rinsed again. Even using a Q-tip didn't get that little bit of residue out. If it makes me crazy, I'll try soaking it all night."

— The Pen Addict

I own the black acrylic version of the Model 65 Stabilis and it is the most comfortable pen I own. This being said, I have used three No. 5 nib units with this pen and they all had ink starvation issues once you wrote past 2 sheets. I have solved this ink starvation issue by priming the feed at the end of each page, but if you are going to purchase a Stabilis pen, I would seriously consider the Model 66 over the 65. The 66 uses No. 6 Jowo nib units that I have found to be bulletproof in use. The 66 is a slightly larger pen so users with small hands may not like that aspect.

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