Brand Overview: Noodler's V-mail Inks - @CarolLuxury

In April, Luxury Brands, the US distributor for Noodler's ink, provided the inks in the V-mail series for review. The blog's focus for the rest of June will be the testing of these inks as well as reviewing an ebonite Konrad pen that was included in the package.

During World War II ferrying the post from North America to the battle front was a huge task. To make it more economical the concept of V-mail was born. V-mail is short for Victory Mail and was a method of taking a standardized letter, photographing it onto 16 mm film, transporting it to the battle front and then printing a reduced size letter for the soldier to read. Below is an image showing the relative sizes for the standardized letter sheet, film negative, and the final letter.

Below a soldier displays a V-Mail film reel and its corresponding number of letters.

For Noodler's, Nathan Tardiff has created a line of partially water resistant inks with names that call back to World War II battles. Below is a map showing the locations from where the inks get their names.

Over the next two weeks the blog will review these inks:

V-mail Burma Road Brown
V-mail Mandalay Maroon
V-mail Midway Blue
V-mail North African Violet
V-mail Operation Overlord Orange
V-mail Rabaul Red

Images in this post were sourced from:
Smithsonian National Postal Museum
National Archives
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