The Weekly Wrap Up: June 13

I want to open The Wrap Up this week by letting you know that the blog is running an ink giveaway contest. Read the Inky Giveaway: Northern Solstice Edition post to find out what is up for grabs and how to take part. I hope you are the lucky winner!

Lori Arrowood from The Desk of Lori reviewed a pen that I had never heard of; the Kaweco Fantasie Pen. It's like Etsy at home, just follow the link to see what I mean.

Another pen that receives very little mention was reviewed on FPInkGeek. SBREBrown uses the Italix Parson's Essential in his ink reviews but FPInkGeek is the only other review that I have seen for this pen. Interesting pen. It is a no name IPG nib that is then tuned by the shop. £39.

Inkdependance! did a Montblanc Limited Edition Week this week. JFK was reviewed here, Daniel Defoe Palm Green was reviewed here, and Pink Ink was reviewed here. As was said above, all three are limited edition inks so you will have to act fast if you want to add them to your collection. I own and like the first two, I never got too excited about the Pink.

Christine at Pentulant reviewed the Franklin Christoph Model 20 – Marietta. Every time I see this pen it calls to me a little louder. I have a feeling that one of these, sans music nib, will make its way home with me when I go to DC in August.

And Now For Something Completely Different

I don't know if you listen to the Mystery Show podcast but this week's episode entitled Case #3 Belt Buckle was really enjoyable.

Inks Reviewed This Week