The Weekly Wrap Up: June 20

I want to start off the wrap up with a thanks to Nick Dolce for recommending the blog to the Pen Addict podcast. I was ecstatic to hear that it was chosen as the blog of the week and there has been quite a few new readers that have made their way here after the mention on the podcast.

It appears that a Pelikan M1000 that was given away on the Pen Addict Blog has gone up for sale on FPN (here is a link to a screen capture if the original content disappears) and there is quite the discussion going over on reddit about the ethics of this. 

After an email from Brad, this was the outcome.

I have read the bulk of the comments and I fall in the camp who thinks that it is ok to sell the pen. Then again, I'm the kind of guy that gives a gift with a gift receipt attached so the recipient can exchange it for something better suited to their liking in case I have chosen wrong. If you win tomorrow's Inky Giveaway: Northern Solstice Edition you have my permission to sell the ink at profit. (Hat tip to @peneconimics for the link.)

The Gentleman Stationer thinks that he may have too much stationary on hand as described in this blog post A Searching and Fearless Inventory

For reasons I don’t yet understand, I woke up early and inventoried all this stuff and realized that I have 383 wood case pencils (2.7 gross, to be exact). I also have 50 bottles of ink. 60 unused Field Notes. And 41 fountain pens. At least 15 full-size notebooks waiting to be used. I didn’t even count all the gel pens, ink samples, ballpoints, and felt-tip pens, but it’s probably at least 100.
— The Gentleman Stationer

Now everyone knows that having 50 bottles of ink on hand is perfectly reasonable and you could make a good argument that ink bottles are under represented in this collection, but 383 wood case pencils? that's just weird! 8^)

Dr. Deans had a five part series on the aesthetics of fountain pens on his blog this week. Part one can be found here. Get comfy, it's a long read.

Matt at The Pen Habit wrote a fantastic review this week entitled Pen Review: Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with FA Nib. I like the look of this pen a lot. It is a costly pen so it will have to go on the Someday Maybe list.

I had never considered an Edison rollerball but Mary From the Pen Cup did a blog post on just that; Edison Pearl…Rollerball? Heck, ya! Edison pens are so nice to look at. Even though I know the geometry of the Pearl isn't for me, I can still feel my heart pining for it. 

And Now For Something Completely Different

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