The Weekly Wrap Up: June 27

I was @mentioned in a tweet this week that lead to this video. It is art which is done with Parker Quink Black ink and then double strength bleach. Interesting effect. I don't own Quink Black but it doesn't take too much of a push to get me to buy a new ink.

JetPens did a great post about Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink Comparison. They really did a deep dive into the topic and it is worth your time to read it.

Another deep dive blog post, this time A Guide to Buying Pelikan went up on The Pelikan's Perch this week. If you are thinking of buying a pre-owned Pelikan, this is where you should start your research.

I haven't written as many letters recently as I would like. If you are like me and want to get back into the habit, give this post on My Pen Needs Ink a read. It may be just the motivation that you need to carve out a little time and make some recipient's day a little bit more enjoyable.

I own no vintage pens and I had never even heard of a Swan Plug Filler before. I may try an eye dropper some day but I doubt that it will be this unique. Deborah at the Goodwriterspens's Blog always finds the most unusual pens to post about.

Lori Arrowood reviewed KWZI Iron Gall Green Gold this week. I have never heard of the brand nor have I heard of a green coloured iron gall ink. Very interesting.

Finally, you couldn't read an ink blog this week without hearing about J. Herbin's new 1670 series ink, Emerald of Chivor. Ed Jelly did the product photography for ExaClair and got early review access to the ink which is scheduled for release in mid August. Ed's review can be read here.

I find the back story for the 1670 series inks to be a bit inane. 

J. Herbin is said to have kept an emerald in his pocket during his voyages as a good luck charm...  

This from a company that doesn't know what the "J" in J. Herbin stands for. Give me a break.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Matt Armstrong wrote a blog post on his personal blog entitled One More Ray of Hope about what this week's Supreme Court ruling means to gay men and women.

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