The Weekly Wrap Up: July 11

The WonderPens blog is having a giveaway sponsored by the film maker of Ink – Written by Hand. Head on over to their blog to enter the giveaway. You have to live in Canada and you have to enter by July 13 so don't dawdle.

Ana of The Well-Appointed Desk had a post entitled Shawn Newton Esterbrook Nib Holder this week talking about the convenience of ink testing with just a dipped nib. I have a similar setup using a Morriset nib and it works great. Shawn does wonderful work and I think that you would be pleased with any pen that came out of his shop.

Julie of Peaceable Writer just published Tale of a Vandal Pen Collector: State of the Hoard talking about the pens that have left the nest and new additions that have entered. She always does a great job on her posts.

Ray of FPQuest wrote Fountain Pen Reality Distortion Field about how a pen sings its siren song and convinces us to take it home. My own take on this...Yep.

Of course the week wouldn't be complete without our favourite economist weighing in, this time doing a Brand Analysis: Staedtler. It would seem that Staedtler is doing a bit of a marketing push with their Inituium model being reviewed and given away on both The Pen Addict and Gourmet Pens blogs in the last month. I can't get too excited about this pen, especially at 150 Euros.

And Now For Something Completely Different

It's too bad that it is so hard to make a living in stationary.