On The Road Stationary, Yukon Style

As I mentioned last week, I'm off to the Yukon for two weeks as of tomorrow and that means that I need to get my writing stuff in order for the trip. I see two writing activities occurring on our vacation; the keeping of a trip journal and writing letters or post cards back home to friends and family. The topic of trip stationary has been percolating on the back burner of my brain for too long and has taken up more cycles than I care to admit. 

My original thoughts were to pick a nice fountain pen and load it up with Sailor Kiwa-Guro, but which one, should I take one of my favourites that would be a joy to use everyday? Maybe it should be an inexpensive one that would be easily replaced? Should it be a piston filler so that I have a large capacity of ink on hand or should I forgo the Kiwa-Guro in favour of Pilot black cartridges that I have on hand. What about a Vanishing Point? They can be super convenient. 

When it comes to paper my standard journal is the Apica CD11 but one of these is likely too long for the trip. Post cards are self explanatory but the letters will require paper on hand. Rhodia to the rescue? Tomoe River?

As I looked around my desk, I saw two writing utensils that had absconded with my money, I had used them precisely NEVER! The boys on the Erasable Podcast had discussed them back and forth for several weeks and then featured the manufacturers during their Kickstarter campaigns. All this chatter filled me with FOMO and I succumbed to the pressure, leaving my wallet lighter to the tune of about $80. The culprits can be seen below.

So what is my loadout for the trip; the two kickstarter bullet pencils shown in the photo as well as a KUM two stage sharpener. I'll also be packing a pair of Golden Bears that can be used as refills or on their own as the need arises. For paper, my friend Amanda made me a pocket notebook that will take the place of a trip journal. This will be small enough to take out with me during the day and not too long so that I can limit its contents to the trip only without feeling that I am wasting paper within the book. If I have mis-judged and the book is too short, I'll also have a Doanne utility book on hand to bring into service. For letter writing paper I'm going to bring an A4 pad that has been sent to me by Franklin-Christoph for review. This is not the normal paper that I would choose because it has a slight pink tinge to it but it is a dot grid which will make for neat handwriting.

image via http://www.franklin-christoph.com/paper.html

image via http://www.franklin-christoph.com/paper.html

I'll likely miss my pens while I am away but these Kickstarter bullet pencils don't seem to get used when I am at home so I am determined to use them while I am away.