The Weekly Wrap Up: July 4

This week Cody of The Pen Haul let us know what he thought of the Platinum 3776 King of Tiger that he won from Pen Chalet. A very beautiful pen.

Thomas Hall has written a post on Penucopia entitled Newton Shinobi - Clearly a Cut Above. While this is a beautiful pen, its geometry isn't for me. The eye dropper aspect is nice though and the interchangeable sections was a great idea.

Dr Jonathon Deans of Fountain Pen Economics wrote a post entitled Status Symbols about the myth of Veblen goods. I'm not sure that I agree with his argument, for pens in the high three and low four digits I think that his thesis holds but for the pen pictured below, I think it is the very definition of Veblen goods. 

At least the shipping is free.

At least the shipping is free.

Ana from The Well-Appointed Desk reviewed three new inks this week that I had never heard of. Her post is entitled Ink: Papier Plume Inks and the inks look very nice if you like unsaturated tones.

The Gentleman Stationer reviews Montblanc Corn Poppy Red. I just put in an order for this today so I am looking forward to trying it out myself. The shipping was absolutely ridiculous so I will be picking it up from the Anderson's at the DC pen show. Only six more weeks!

Finally, the Calligraphy Nut is doing something unique with his ink reviews; ink pairings. Click on through to read Ink Pairing – Red and Green. A really interesting way to showcase an ink.

And Now For Something Completely Different

It's always nice to see someone competent do what they are good at. You can see more of Jane's art on her blog

Inks Reviewed This Week