The Weekly Wrap Up - August 22

In the spirit of reviewing items that have received a lot of long term use, Ian Hedley has posted his second instalment of Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter Update. This still isn't a product for me but Ian is using the hell out of it!

The Calligraphy Nut reviews the Pilot Vanishing Point Stub. The various things I have seen online suggest that the sweet spot on this nib can be kind of small, this review sort of reinforces that notion even though it fits his writing style well.

I spent some time with Gerald Taylor last week and he just put up a review of his latest acquisition, a Montblanc 149 Diplomat 90th Anniversary Meisterstück Edition. I think the 149 might be too big for my hand but the 146 looks great. If anyone wants to send them too me, I'll let you know for sure. You know... for science.

Jonathon Deans of Fountain Pen Economics has published his Taxonomy Update. It is interesting how these brands are viewed by different people. One lady that I met in DC retold a conversation she overheard on the shuttle bus she took from the airport to the hotel. Two guys in fishing vests were talking up vintage pens and Fishing Vest #1 said to Fishing Vest #2 that he had tried out a cheap pen called a Nakaya and even though it was only $600, it still worked pretty well.

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And Now For Something Completely Different

My friend Amanda is learning to hand sharpen pencils with a knife. I suggested that she could get some pointers from this guy.