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2015 has been a busy year for Franklin-Christoph's ink line. Early in the year they discontinued all of their first generation colours with exception to the standard blue and black. For a while the website simply said that the inks were out of stock and then in the spring six new colours were released. 

These colours fell into two camps; Dark Chocolate, Noir et Bleu and Brown 732 were presented as the dark tones of the collection and Emerald 357, Red 187 and Midnight Emerald made up the jewel tones. Late this summer four more inks were introduced in what I feel rounds out the collection with earth tones. These colours are Black Cherry, Loden, Tenebris Purpuratum, and Terra Firma

Franklin-Christoph's 2015 Ink Line

Franklin-Christoph's 2015 Ink Line

In talking with Lori Todd of Franklin-Christoph, these inks form their standard line now, they aren't special or limited editions. It would be reasonable to assume that the colour availability going forward will be a non-issue. Having said that, the brand discontinued its first generation of inks after only being on the market for a couple of years so if you see something that catches your fancy, pick it up sooner rather than later. 60 ml bottles are US$12.50 and US orders over $50 ship free. If you live elsewhere, free shipping is available for orders over $75. 

All 10 of these inks are going to be reviewed on the blog over the next few weeks so I hope you enjoy the deep dive into this line of inks.

Solicitation Disclaimer

Franklin-Christoph provided the inks in this review series. I do not feel that my opinions of this ink have been affected by receiving the samples free of charge.