The Weekly Wrap Up - August 29

Of all of the posts that I read this week, Susan Pigott's post entitled Buyer's Remorse, Impulse Buys, and Shady Sellers: The Vagaries of Buying Fountain Pens Online was my favourite. We all get this feeling sometimes.

The more that I read about the TWSBI Eco, the more that I think my current negative disposition for the brand can be turned around. The Unroyal Warrant wrote up his TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen Review and the take away is that it is a good pen and a fantastic value for its sale price of US$29. I bought one of these in DC for a co-worker who is loving it. Will TWSBI forego their interchangeable nib system on their Diamond 5X0 line of pens so that their quality concerns go away? Only time will tell.

Joe Crace at The Gentleman Stationer has a favourite ink he wants to tell everyone about. Ink Review: Bung Box Sapphire (or, The Best Blue Ink Ever!). The ink looks like a nice one but the price is kind of steep.

Jonathon Deans addresses Field Notes pricing in his article The Field Notes Bubble. At the closing of the article he suggests that Field Notes Brand could choose to solve this issue on their own:

If they feel there is a bubble, they can take action now to flood the market with new editions and reprints of old editions to eliminate the scarcity that drives high prices. While this eliminates the bubble, it may also alienate genuine collectors who have built a set of something rare — only for it to become much less rare. It’s not obvious to me if the benefits of this are greater than the costs, but I strongly feel that any business interested in sticking around for the long term should put products users first and speculators second.
— Dr. Deans

My thoughts on this are that the manufacture of pocket notebooks is not rocket science and the materials are easily obtainable. Hell they even list them on the back cover! 

The Field Notes Recipe

The Field Notes Recipe

A run of 500 counterfeit sets of the first four colour ways would be the nail in the coffin for the entire Field Notes collecting community. A healthy dose of FUD takes all of the fun out of it.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Some people feel that my fountain pen past time is odd so I'm not going to judge.