Sola Fide Stationery - Handmade Cards

Last week I received a lovely card in the mail from an artist in Texas. 

Also included in the card was an additional piece of card stock to perform ink trials on. The card stock is a heavy weight, fibrous paper that feels soft in the hand. In my trials I found that the paper was quite absorbent so inks that might have exhibited shading were more muted in their appearance. On the flip side this also made for quick dry times and no smearing as might be found on a coated card purchased from a gift store.

Broader nibs seemed to like the fibrous paper better while the italic nib tended to dig in. Ball point, gel pen and roller ball all performed well and would be excellent choices on this paper. No feathering was observed in either the fountain pen or liquid ink trials. The writing sample can be seen below.

If you would like some of these cards for yourself they can be purchased through They are premium cards and are priced accordingly, US$12 each or US$55 for a package of 5 cards.