The Weekly Wrap Up: September 26th

Stephen Watts writes the fifth instalment of the Father and Son Pencil review in the post Hell Freezes Over Twice! The pencil review is secondary, read it for the story alone.

I’ve realized the only reason I became this interested in pencils is because my wife, who’s funny this way, wouldn't let me have a monkey.

The Unroyal Warrant reviews Montblanc Meisterstück Solitaire Platinum-Plated Facet LeGrand Fountain Pen. I'll take two.

If you are of the crafty persuasion you may like this next link. Handmade Leather Kindle Cover & Making of Pictures. It is beautiful work.

Liz at Wonder Pens has a blog post focussing on Tips on Improving Your Handwriting or Learning Cursive Writing

Calligraphy Nut has a blog post about developing his Japanese Hanko Seal. Thomas Hall has a similar post entitled Sealing the Deal, with a Chop which talks about how he did it.

Finally, last week the Gentleman Stationer talked about limited edition inks. Our favourite Economist picks up the story and moves it further along in The Economics of Limited Editions (Part 1)

And Now For Something Completely Different

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