The Weekly Wrap Up: September 5th

I got a chance to see some custom made double ended fountain pens at the DC show but Crónicas Estilográficas has an article about one from Pilot in the 30's.

There are lots of reviews of Emerald of Chivor out there and you may even see one grace this blog in the future but Lori does a good job with her review. I'm not getting huge amounts of gold in my writing samples, even with a broad nib on Tomoe River so I must not be doing it right.

I have sworn off of Massdrop because I was finding it too hard to say no to all of the pens that were gracing the site. This article is interesting though. It seems that Retro 51 and Massdrop worked together on a crowd sourced limited edition fountain pen. This could be an interesting niche for Massdrop to enter which would make them more than just a GroupOn knock off.

Matt Armstrong wrote up his 2015 DC Pen Show Report and it is a great read.

Finally, my friend Amanda is trying her hand at pencil blogging this month so go on over to The Purl Bug and look at what she is up to.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Some people are really good at what they do. This woman is one of them.

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