The Weekly Wrap Up: January 16th

Fancy Pens

Pen Review: Delta Dolcevita Federico Stantuffo
The Pen Habit
There is something about the orange celluloid one trick pony of this company that grates on me. 

Platinum PTL-5000 Fountain Pen Review 
Pens! Paper! Pencils!
Our favourite Pen Economist had said "Please review bad pens", well Dr. Deans, here's one for you!

Review: M800 Burnt Orange (2015) 
The Pelikan's Perch
I feel drawn to the M80X series and if I could wrap my head around the cost of admission I would have one in my hand already. Maybe someday.

Pilot Decimo Capless Fountain Pen
Pete Denison
This version of the Capless body is very interesting to me.

Omas Arte Italiana Milord Fountain Pen Review 
Pen Addict - Jeff Abbott

TWSBI Vac Mini Review
The Passionate Penman
He likes the pen.

TWSBI Vac Mini Fountain Pen Review
He doesn't.

Interesting Inks on Review

Black to the future: A review of Namiki Black ink 
"fool with a pen…" 
I often wonder whether there is a difference between the Namiki ink in the bottles and the dual branded Pilot / Namiki cartridges. I'm not a huge user of black so I have never purchased this one in bottle form.

Akkerman #10 Ijzer-Galnoten 
I like Michael's reviews but his "Color Comparisons" section drives me bonkers.

My Five Best Fountain Pen Inks for Everyday Writing
The Gentleman Stationer
This is a pretty solid list. If you don't have these already, pick up one or two to add to your collection.

Good Reads

Pen Addict - Jon Bemis

Guide to Pencils for Drawing 
Pens! Paper! Pencils! 

Capping Your Collection 
Pen Economics

Fountain Pen Contentment 
Fountain Pen Quest

A Practice: My Hobonichi Techo 
From the Pen Cup

And Now For Something Completely Different