Getting Ready For InCoWriMo

Last year was the first year that I took part in International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo). The idea is that you send a piece of handwritten correspondence every day in February and if you are lucky, you will receive some too. I'll be honest, last year's challenge got to be a bit of a slog so this year I will be focussing most of my efforts on sending postcards rather than letters. I'm writing this post today because I received my shipment of cards from the Newton Scholarship, a charity started by Shawn Newton to help fund students who are interested in attending post secondary education. Below is a small sampling of the cards that were in the package.

I also read Bob McConnel's review of the Friends of Type Postcards and put in an Amazon order for a box of 100. With these two lots of postcards I'll be set for years. 

Image from the Friends of Type website

Image from the Friends of Type website

If you will be taking part in InCoWriMo, drop me a line at:

Paul Joynes
P.O. Box 1582
Deep River, ON
K0J 1P0


I'd love to write back to you.