The Weekly Wrap Up: January 9th

Fancy Pens

The Conid Minimalistica Demonstrator Fountain Pen: A Review
Pen Addict - Susan Pigott
This looks like an intriguing pen but it hasn't made it onto my list of pens to acquire yet.

Review: TWSBI Vac Mini
Alt. Haven
I have been pretty impressed with the design improvements in the ECO, I'll have to look at this one a little more carefully the next time I'm at a bricks and mortar retailer.

Montblanc Meisterstuck 146 'Legrand' Fountain Pen Review
The Pencilcase Blog
This pen is still on my want list.

Interesting Inks on Review

Ink Review: Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo 
The Gentleman Stationer
I have an unopened bottle just waiting for me.

KWZ Iron Gall Gold Ink Review
Pen Addict - Jeff Abbott
Some KWZ ink is enroute from Poland right now. I paid for 5 mystery samples to be included in my order so I'll be interested to see if this one made the cut.

Ink Shot Review: Montblanc Golden Yellow
Gourmet Pens
I don't have much need of a yellow ink but this one appears to actually be usable.

Good Reads

Competition in the Fountain Pen Market
Pen Economics

Graying the lines
And All Other Tasks

2015: the pen year in review. 
My Life As a Verb

An Unexpected Gift
From the Pen Cup

Why I Love Steel Nibs – The Pen Addict
On Fountain Pens - Brad Dowdy

And Now For Something Completely Different