29/29: InCoWriMo 2016

So I just sealed envelope 29 of 29 and all I have to do is purchase the postage tomorrow and send it off. With this behind me now, what is my take away from this year's writing experience.

  • I received mail from several people who I have not corresponded with before and I hope that these interactions continue into the future. I like writing to people and hearing about what is new in their lives.
  • Cold writing to somebody is difficult and I felt that my letters to these new recipients were a bit trivial in nature. I don't know how to correct this. If you know nothing about a person, how do you start a conversation of any significance. I only hope that these new pen pals will exchange a few letters with me in the future so that a deeper relationship can develop.
  • I fell ill during the middle of the month and didn't write for several days, this got me behind schedule and getting back on track was challenging and didn't happen until today.
  • The time devoted to letter writing had to come from somewhere and the number of posts on the blog were affected by this. It's OK that this happened but it is worth noting.

So will I do it again next year? Of course. It gets to be a bit of a slog if you fall behind in your schedule but I love getting letters from others and you need to send letters to get letters. As the number of people I regularly correspond with increases, my comfort in those conversations will also increase and the topics of conversation will expand beyond letter writing and stationery.

If you chose to take part in InCoWriMo this year, I hope that you were able to come away from the experience with a feeling of accomplishment, you've written more letters in the last month than most people write in a decade. There are twenty-nine people out there who feel special because you took the time to think about them and let them know about it.