Springtime In Deep River

We live in a rural community which means that even though we live near the downtown core, our home's lot is large enough to contain a fair number of mature trees. We take advantage of this by tapping the maples in our yard and collecting the sap to boil down into maple syrup.

It's a family affair that usually spans three weekends. This weekend that just passed was the first where we clean up all of the gear and install it in the trees. This is done by drilling a hole in the trunk of the maple and pushing a spile into it. As the sap travels up from the tree's roots, a small portion seeps out of the tree and into our collection bucket through the spile.

The spile which gets installed in the tree.

The spile which gets installed in the tree.

In total we tapped a dozen trees and had collected approximately 30 litres of sap by Sunday night. Over the next two weeks we'll collect 250 to 350 litres of sap which will get boiled down and make 6 to 8 litres of syrup; more than enough for a year's worth of pancakes and waffles.

And just so nobody feels that the blog is loosing its focus, what stationery items would be appropriate for a day of sugaring? Why a Field Notes Shelterwood paired with a Blackwing 211 of course.