The Weekly Wrap Up: April 2nd

Fancy Pens

Montblanc M Fountain Pen Review 
The Clicky Post
Another review of this pen which is pushing me towards the 146. I thought that the price difference between the two was greater.

Montegrappa Copper Mule 
Pen Habit
$300 for a steel nibbed pen, umm, not today.

Review: Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe 
Fountain Pen Quest
This is a pretty fancy version of the pen but the more common black one can be had at Engeika for US$139

The Parson and I


Inks of Interest

Inktastic: KWZ Iron Gall Turquoise Ink Review
The Pencilcase Blog
Here is my review

Akkerman #09 Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indigo

Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine: Ink Review
Goulet Pens Blog - Madigan

Review: Graf von Faber Castell Stone Grey
Alt. Haven

Ink Review: Noodler’s Berning Red
The Well-Appointed Desk

Diamine Asa Blue
The Passionate Penman

Monteverde Inks
The Clumsy Penman's InKfusion Site


Good Reads

Tale of a Vandal Notebook User: More #Chronodex
Peaceable Writer
I don't need to track my time this way but I always like looking at the charts.

Visconti Traveling Inkwell: A Review
The Pen Addict - Susan Pigott

Intrigued By Small Fountain Pens – On Fountain Pens
The Pen Haul - Maybelline
I had a thing for small pens at one time, they all sit neglected in a drawer now. Maybe its time to clean house as was suggested on this week's Dowdy and the Doctor

Art Tools I Use (Part 1) – Pencils!


And Now For Something Completely Different