The Weekly Wrap Up: April 23rd

Fancy Pens

Pen Review: Delta Dolcevita Soiree 
The Gentleman Stationer
This pen is quite the looker, much more refined than the company's standard orange offering.

Review: Faber-Castell Ondoro - Smoked Oak 
Alt. Haven
Someday I'll pick up a pen from this company, the consensus is that they are pretty good.

Inks of Interest

Noodler’s Berning Red
No Pen Intended
While quick dry inks do what they say on the tin, they suck on almost every other performance vector. Not for me.

The Story Behind Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black
The Pelikan's Perch

Ink Shot Review: Diamine 150th Anniversary Blue Velvet
Gourmet Pens
My review of this ink can be found here

Introducing Pelikan 4001 Dunkelgrün Dark Green Ink
The Gold Standard


Pen Shows

Atlanta Pen Show 2016: Recap 
The Well-Appointed Desk

What I picked up in Atlanta: 

Atlanta Pen Show: Insane Saturday Recap 
The Gentleman Stationer

Scriptus 2016 Date Announced
I'm going, are you?

Good Reads

Signs of Change 
Crónicas Estilográficas

The Art of Fountain Pen Photography
The Pen Addict - Susan Pigott

Review: Whiskey & Kingfisher Leather Notebook 
Gourmet Pens

Finding a Better Bottle
Dot Cross Dot
I've standardized on Nalgene bottles for ink. 

Thoughts on Three Years in the Pen Business 
Wonder Pens

Uh Oh, I Found My Grail Pen, But It's Broken!

And Now For Something Completely Different