Monthly Load Out: May 2016

Most months I rehash what I used for the last 30 days and let you know what has been newly inked for use in the near future. This month is a little different because we've pulled our daughter out of school for a week and are currently on a spring vacation. When we went on last summer's vacation I shunned pens altogether and opted to try two weeks of bullet pencil use. This vacation's load out won't be so exclusionary.

My Hobinichi has become a facet in my daily routine which means that it has to come along for the trip. Since I have standardized on using my Namiki Capless in this book, it will be the only fountain pen that is going on vacation with me. It is loaded with Pilot Mixable Blue Black and extra cartridges are already packed.

While my Hobinichi will capture daily journal entries, I think that I would like to make a small scrap book of our trip. I have several Apica CD-11's on hand so one of these will be used for this mini scrap book. Post card writing is likely something that will be done while on the road so the multi coloured Jetstream and Pilot Juice pens that I have packed will serve double duty for post card writing and scrap booking. I have also packed scissors and Tombow adhesive to allow me to incorporate ticket stubs and brochure cut outs into my scrap book. I'm not very crafty but hopefully I'll be able to fake it.